CMYK TV Ep. 13 – We’re BACK!!!

We’re back, after a long hiatus, with CMYK TV. The only place to get all the comic book TV you crave, from people who love comic book television. Hosts Anthony Bachman, Josh Hawkes, and Francis Fernandez return for more shenanigans as they talk about this year’s line up of shows. So don’t miss an episode as we come back for another action packed season.

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CMYK TV Episode 12

It’s CMYK TV for the middle of summer, talking about all the news that have come out of Comic Con and beyond, discussing what to expect in the next season of your favorite comic book television shows. Just as a programming note, we’ll be putting out a new episode every other week or so until the regular television season starts again, and then we’ll be putting out a regular weekly podcast. Until then, let us know what you think in the comments at

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